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What is Auburn 2040?

Auburn 2040 is a comprehensive plan for the community’s future. The City’s most recent master plan, adopted in 1988, lacks relevancy to present opportunities, challenges, and development trends. The new plan will serve as a roadmap to guide decision-making, set objectives, and develop policies around a holistic range of topics including future land use, housing, livability, transportation, parks and recreation, and economic development.

How will the community use the plan?

Comprehensive plans are used to guide future decision-making. Local officials will consult Auburn 2040 when making determinations about policies, projects, and programs; particularly as it relates to land use, development, and capital improvements. The plan will provide a guide for understanding local conditions and demographics, as well as long-term, inclusive community objectives.

How long will the process take?

The process to create Auburn 2040 is estimated to last one year with final adoption slated for early 2021. The planning process is divided among five distinct phases each of which includes at least one steering committee meeting. Public engagement will be ongoing throughout the process.

Who is involved?

The plan framework is founded on community-wide goals and objectives and shepherded by a steering committee comprised of leaders with local expertise and enthusiasm for the future of Auburn. The steering committee collaborates with a planning team of City employees, hired consultants, and the community experts – you! – to ensure final recommendations properly reflect the needs and desires of Auburn community.

How do I get involved?

Inclusive and comprehensive public engagement ensures the plan reflects an authentic community-wide vision and is implementable. This requires your input! There will be ample opportunities to learn more about the plan and share your feedback throughout the process. Steering committee members are also encouraged to regularly engage the questions and concerns of community members.

The planning team will attend community events throughout the summer to gather feedback on how the public envisions the future of Auburn. Ongoing workshops and events will culminate in an open house to present draft recommendations to the community prior to plan adoption.

If you aren’t able to catch the planning team at an in-person event, you can still actively participate online. This website allows you to:

  • Follow plan updates
  • View meeting materials
  • Take the community survey
  • Receive notice of upcoming events
  • Participate in public engagement activities