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What Is Planning?

Planning describes efforts to shape how communities develop. Often referred to as urban or city planning, it is the policies and programs related to the physical environment including growth, how land is used, and how we move around our community. The overall goal of planning is to create safe, healthy, and vibrant places for residents, businesses, and visitors. In Auburn, planning efforts are led by the City’s Building, Planning, and Development Department.

How Does Planning Affect Me?

Because planning shapes physical spaces, it impacts the way that you experience the world. Do you live close to shops and restaurants? Can you bike to the nearest park? Where things are located and how they are connected is generally regulated by planning. Getting involved in the planning process is an important way to affect the look and function of your city.

What Do Planners Do?

There are many types of planners, but the most common planning job is as a city planner for a local government. A city planner carries out local laws on land use and development and makes sure that day-to-day operations are guiding the community toward its long-term goals. For example, a city experiencing growth may need to plan for more housing to fit the needs of new residents. A planner will help determine where and what type of housing is most appropriate for the city’s future.

What Is Auburn 2040?

Planning happens every day, but a comprehensive plan which evaluates many aspects of a community all at once and sets long-term goals happens much less often. Auburn’s most recent master plan was adopted in 1988, so it lacks relevancy to present opportunities, challenges, and development trends. The comprehensive planning process of Auburn 2040 brings together all members of the community to learn, listen, and collaborate with one another in order to create a clear and consistent community-wide vision. Local planners and elected officials will use Auburn 2040 as a roadmap to guide decision-making, set objectives, and develop policies on a range of topics including future land use, housing, transportation, parks and recreation, and economic development.

Thank you for participating in the future of Auburn! 

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